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Horizontal Straight Line Machines

Horizontal SLM

Horizontal SLM The Horizontal straight line machines (Horizontal SLM) by ASSOMAC is a multiple-block machine with horizontal-axis drawing capstans, sensor arm speed synchronization and an additional dancer arm on the finishing block. The high degree of automation and remarkable efficiency of the drawing machines, coupled with their sturdy, low-maintenance mechanics, contribute to achieving high-quality production at the lowest possible operating cost.


The drawing blocks are made of graded cast iron duly carbide coated at the drawing portion, to obtain a surface hardness of approximately 56-58 HRC. With this hardened, ground and mirror polished finish, the block wear is much lesser as compared to normal blocks. Each drawing head is balanced statically and dynamically. Capstans are set in one parallel rows at a set incline to each other.


The following units are mounted on the main block frame capstan, cooling water and air cooling ducts; bush, bearing, the shaft of drawing capstan, die box, dancer assembly, mechanical transmission, and motor. Motor power is transmitted to capstans by a combination of special section V-belts, in some instances assisted by a reduction gear lubricated in an oil bath.


Each capstan is driven by an AC motor. Motor power is calculated with a sufficient margin to ensure maximum security even in the most rigorous operating conditions. Motors are generally installed horizontally on a slide rail for belt adjustment purposes.


Capstan speed is synchronized through the sensor arm. Sensors fitted on each sensor arm adjusts the speed of the drawing block according to the position of the sensor itself. Back pull can be adjusted to maintain the wire pull by rotating the relative spring or pneumatic pressure mounted on each sensor arm. High working speeds can be achieved and the machine can be stopped in case of emergency without wire breaking.


The die boxes, made of sturdy electro welded steel, are equipped with a lid to avoid dispersal of soap dust in the working area. The dies are cooled directly with running water and there is provision to fit double die or special size of pressure die. Dies are adjustable on three planes to ensure correct wire alignment. Motorized rotating dies and soap applicator die boxes etc., are available as an option.


The machine is totally enclosed by a top closing front guard with die box inspection windows.


The combined action of water and air cooling makes it possible to keep die to wear low even at high working speeds. Capstans are cooled internally by a high-turbulence, "narrow gap" water cooling system, while the entire external pulling surface of the block is air cooled. The flow of air is directed at the capstans through a reduced draft pipeline.

Horizontal Straight Line Machines

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