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Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Plant

ASSOMAC group provides its customers with the most modern, cost-effective, efficient and fast operating lines for wire galvanizing. We provide equipment right from drawing lines, flattening mills, and complete galvanizing lines with vertical drop coilers, horizontal side winder take-ups or strip take-ups.

By excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing and service we offer the most relevant technology for Galvanizing Low / High Carbon Steel Wires.

ASSOMAC has become the pioneer in the supply of turnkey projects for the wire industry, we will maintain this position through reliable equipment and service to our customers worldwide.

Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Plant

The plant consists of the following :

  • Pay Off stands: Revolving turn tables with brake tensioners for wire formers and spools, overhead coil opener type pay off, pintle type pay off for coils or motorized pay off for spools.
  • Open Hearth Furnace or Lead Bath Furnace with electrical heating or Natural Gas / LDO / FO combustion system with top cover and recuperator for energy conservation.
  • Online fumeless pickling system with water curtains to prevent any acid fumes from exiting the picking system.
  • The wires travel straight with lower tension and react with invigorated acid travelling against the wire followed by triple stage water wash system
  • Intermediate wiping system in between chambers to prevent excessive carryover of fluids from one chamber to another
  • Vertical gland / seal less pumps for zero down time as no seal change over and routine maintenance required.
  • Stainless Steel SS-316 fabricated flux tank with flue gas heating and temperature control system for energy efficiency and coating consistency. Option of dipping type or straight path with flux pumping system.
  • Flux Dryer before the entry to the galvanizing bath hot plate assembly is provided for quick drying of flux which has heating through flue gases of the zinc bath furnace as rising energy cost has made conservation a prime criterion in today's plants.
  • Zinc Bath furnace consisting of structural steel frame which is completely lined using several layers of ceramic refractory. Best quality refractories ensure reliability and durability.
  • Zinc Tank made out of low carbon low silicon steel plate with side bended at 90° welded with specialized electrodes and duly ultrasonic tested for any internal cracks options for light /medium and heavy coating available.
  • Zinc coated control through pad wiping, spring wiping for low & medium coating & vertical charcoal or nitrogen wiping for heavy coating can be provided.
  • Finally, wire is coiled in finishing take—ups where ASSOMAC offers several options depending on the coil weight requirements right from 25 kgs. to 1000 kgs. Horizontal side winder take ups vertical drop coiler with or without pattern lay and strip take-ups are our manufacturing program.
Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Plant
Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Plant
Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Plant

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